About Graeme

Graeme Miles Richards is originally from Nelson, New Zealand and now lives in Perth, Western Australia where he moved 30 years ago and set up his business Art Fresco Design.

He is an international artist who regularly has commissions in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and China, and of course Australia and New Zealand.

He works both in private residences, and businesses and has extensive experience in both interior and exterior applications, creating custom artwork in a broad range of themes and styles.

He is happy to work with architects, interior designers and of course individual clients to achieve a custom result to their specifications which will completely transform and enhance their place of residence or business. His versatile style produces a personalized result every time.

Art Fresco Design

Trompe L'oeil
French for 'trick of the eye', Graeme specialises in creating the illusion of depth, blending existing spaces into a three dimensional experience.
Technically any art on a wall can be called a mural, however Graeme's application of murals goes way beyond the humble wall. Take a look at these bus stops for example....
While much of Graeme's work involves private commissions, he has always continued to create his own paintings.

Call Graeme on 0413 606 462